Glaci Aid

Technical details

Extinguishing spray GlaciAid is formed by seamless cylindrical container made of aluminum. The whole outside and inside surface of container is covered by coat of resistant paint; on the outside with text and graphic information including detailed instruction and important warnings on quality folding plastic label. Details for individual MK series will be specified in accordance with safety data sheet, technical data sheet and product sheet for each version.
Upper part of container has conical ending with the vent pressed in. On the vent the plastic sprayer is mounted, which ensures foaming of the mixture and its dispersing with optimal volume of distribution. Extinguishing media is found in special pouch inside container and is not in contact with the container nor the propellant, so it is possible to guarantee maximum lifetime of used extinguishing medium – premix as stated by the manufacturer. In between the walls of the container and the pouch there is pressurized propeller ensuring expulsion of extinguishing medium in case of its use. Spray is provided with removable plastic covering, which protects spraying vent. Spray is fully operational in every position.

Technical parameters of GlaciAid MG-400 fire extinguishing spray practical for users:

  • extinguishing medium: special premix ABS, Li-ion
  • contain of extinguishing medium: 400 ml / 440g
  • weight of complete container including the cover and nuzzle: 105 g
  • fire stream range: 2 m optimal, up to 4 m maximalaction time: 13 s
  • operating temperature range: -15 °C to +50 °C
  • discharge gas: air 9 bar at +20 °C
  • expiration: 2 years of legal guarantee + 4 years of full function guarantee by manufacturer
  • date of production and batch number: see the bottom of container
  • shape of fire stream: aerosol of foamed fine and coarser drops in the form of moderately widening cone, distribution approx. 30 ml/s
  • extinguishes fire classes: A, B, C up to 3bar, E up to 400V, F, Li-ion accumulators
  • working position: fully in all
  • possibility to suspend extinguishing: anytime by loosening the pressure on nozzle
  • possibility to restore extinguishing: anytime by pressing on the nozzle till emptying the contents

By transferring the spray to a kitchen digital scale, the user can check the balance of the spray extinguisher at any time
(displayed weight minus the weight of the package with the lid 105 g = weight of the residual content of the extinguishing agent)

We recommend that you always have one “full new” spray on standby and leave it partially used for consumption,
eg when securing fires, grilling and the like.

Specifics of extinguishing different classes of fires, how to use the content of extinguishing agent as effectively as possible:

GlaciAid MG-400 can be used for safe and highly efficient extinguishing of solid and liquid combustibles, gas equipment up to an operating pressure of 3 bar, for extinguishing greases and oils and common electrical appliances up to an operating voltage of 400V from a distance of 1 meter.

A – solid combustibles (home furnishings, wood, paper, rubber, plastics, textiles)

B – liquid combustibles
(petrol, diesel, kerosene, thinners, paints; to a lesser extent polar combustibles…)

C – burning gas appliances up to an operating pressure of
3 bar (stoves, cookers)

E – common electrical appliances up to an operating voltage of 400V from a distance of 1 meter

F – burning fats and oils (fryers, grills, ovens, microwave ovens…)

Li-lithium ion accumulators and batteries

Informational test of spray version MK2 (and extinguishing medium MG-Li used in it) at SZÚ Brno for extinguishing of Li-ion accumulators:

  • Extinguished object: accupack consisting of charged accumulators 18650
  • Accumulator protection: none, industrial version
  • Individual accumulator capacity: 2.6 to 3.6 Ah
  • Individual accumulator voltage: 2.8 to 4.25 V
  • Number of accumulators in accupack: 30 pcs
  • Size of accupack: 5 x 6 pcs of accumulators
  • Weight of accupack: 1430 g
  • Orientation of accumulators in accupack: upright, plus contacts up

Initiation of accupack fire: ignited flammable non-polar liquid on water surface, placed under the accupack so the upper parts of flames envelop the whole accupack placed on the fireproof grate

Time of initiation liquid burning: till igniting of accupack Initiation liquid volume: as required for ignition of accupack
Time of accupack burning without the flammable liquid to start of extinguishing: up to 1 minute
Time of extinguishing the accupack as required by extinguishing spray manufacturer: till depletion of extinguishing medium without time restriction

Result of accupack extinguishing as required by extinguishing spray manufacturer: extinguished

Test results of extinguishing of accupack in accordance with test of SZÚ Brno:
Bundle of accumulators 18650 was ignited over the flammable liquid, individual accumulators were burning with flying sparks, remaining accumulators were yellow-hot and fusing together, the burning process took place inside the accumulators, subsequently the initializing flammable liquid was removed, and the extinguishing process started.

“Li-ion accupack was EXTINGUISHED within 10 minutes and cooled by extinguisher so it was possible to place unprotected palm on it.”

Number: MG400MK2/2015/830/1
Test protocol number: 39-15153/M (SZÚ Brno)

information data sheet

Glaci Aid

GlaciAid MG-400 MARK2

Special fire extinguishing spray
  • Special fire extinguishing spray

GlaciAid full spray bottle holder​

  • Holder made to measure for GlaciAid Mark2. The plastic holder is suitable for holding GlaciAid fire extinguishing spray on all sides. Simply snap the spray into the holder.